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The city of Dharconia by TateishiEigo The city of Dharconia by TateishiEigo

Dharconia (pronounced like ‘Dalconia’ in English) is the largest city in the Republic of Ludome;ches (ROL). Dharconia is the state capital of the Tristan state of Ludome;ches. The city is not only the largest economic center within the entire Mid Damalsheed region, but also is actually the largest urban complex within the entire ‘civilized sphere’ of the Issuvarle world. Dharconia is situated in the exactly middle point between Plum Curamanet and the Mt. Polipouses, the source of the Great River of Curamanet.

   The gigalopolitan area of Dharconia has approximately 220 million populations, and combining with its 120 satellite cities, the whole population of the Great Dharcopolis area exceeds 750 million.

   Almost 200 years ago, Dharconia used to be the capital of the Republic of Ludome;ches. However, after the Varcalet Struggle, Dharconia lost its privilege as the national political center since Padal’s ‘Exchange’ [1] defeated the ‘Steel Yard’ [2] (Goevernment). As the result of this unprecedented political turbulence, the Steel Yard escaped from Dharconia, and moved its political functions to a newly constructed fortress city Vastarig.

   The half of its population consists of Juvel (pronounced like Ubell or You-bell in English, several forms of demi-humanoid) species. Dharconians (Dharconia citizens), including D'gyuna (majority, humanoid type intelligent life. Pronounced like 'Juna' or 'zyuna' in English), tend to have a very generous and positive attitude towards all Juvel species, and as a result the city became very famous for its comfortable environment for Juvels. Some scholars argue that this is because 200-year long Padal’s strong influence on politics, education, culture, and economy.

   The figure above depicts the central administrative district of Dharconia in Jubassan (You-ba[t]-san in English). The huge white architecture is the Dharconia Economic-Political Center, which used to be the Council of the Republic of Ludome;ches. On average, the urban space is extended 2,500 Ordinal (1 Ord = 1.1 Meter) and 700 Ord below/above the sea level.


[1] ‘Exchange’ is the world's largest economic institution established by Padal tribe. It is said that all commodities (either tangible or intangible) must go through the ‘Exchange’ at least one time until they are consumed. The ‘Exchange’ announces many economic indicators such as stocks, foreign exchanges, bonds, etc. These indicators are treated as almost ‘de facto’ standard within the civilized sphere of the Issuvarle. Padals, one of the Juvel species, do not have its home territory. Almost all Padals are traditionally getting around the Issuvarle, and doing business all over the world. In this sense, Dharconia ‘Exchange’ can, in effect, be thought of as the political center of Padal society.

[2] The name ‘Steel Yard’ originated from a legend that, about 3,000 years ago, business people (which means politicians at that time) in small Dharcon Town preferred a steel yard (which was often used for their business) as a symbol of ‘justice’ and ‘fairness.’ There are many historical records that ancient Dharconia people put a symbol of Steel Yard on political-related institutions.

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Guidinglove Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
A Type 1 Civilization model
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Very much it is delightful picture
Jessieane Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
Lol i love that you put so much thought into the foundations of the drawing in the description! It truly brings the city to life with more meaning than just looking at it! great job!
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that would be an interesting place to live!!
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I love the perspective and imagination! The buildings!!! WOW.

This superb! :+fav:
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you have very good concept.
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Very grand scene, and very accurate lighting and perspective :clap: I honestly thought it was 3D art in the thumbnail :wow: and good building designs, I'm having hard enough time actually making good futuristic buildings in 3D as is :phew:
Mic-Hella Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2008
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the perspective is fantastic, the entire look of everything intertwined and the little details... amazing
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wow thats awesome persspective, lol, fantastic detail too
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omg! reaaaly great!
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Beautiful, what did you use to make it?
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that is such an amazing city that you've made!!!!
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